Private Lessons

One-on-One Lessons

Private lessons are the best way to get the individualized attention that your player needs. Unfortunately there is not enough time at a team practice for the coaches to spend a lot of time with one player on their particular needs. Everyone also knows that players respond better to constructive criticism from a credible outside source versus it coming from dad or mom.

Here is the reality of how muscle memory works: You repeat the same movement over and over again so often that you body (muscles) remember that movement and you know longer have to think about it. If your son or daughter is repeating the wrong mechanics over and over again then they are getting really good and doing it the wrong way. Taking private lessons gives them a chance to understand the process fully and know how to practice it correctly on their own.

At our facility it is just the instructor, player, and parent (if they choose to stay). No team rentals going on around you, no teammates talking to you while you practice, no distractions from keeping you 100% focused on getting better.

We are open 7 days a week and different instructors are available different days. Many players come in the same time slot on the same day, every other week. We fill in the available slots on a first come first serve basis. Go to our ABOUT US/STAFF to see the bio’s of our instructors.

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